Twin Soul Counseling

I work with those seeking to make their twin soul union a solid, stable, loving physical union.  Twin Soul coaching is about helping you make your twin soul relationship a spiritual and physical success.

Your twin soul is the other half of your soul — together you are one spiritual being, inhabiting two bodies.  The essence of making a twin soul relationship work requires focussing on your inner spiritual world.  You must get to know your own soul and your twin soul in the spiritual.  You do this by using spiritual practices which quiet down your mind and shift your energy and focus away from the chaotic noisy outer world to the place of calm wisdom inside you.  From this foundation of quiet inner focus, you manifest your soul.  Manifesting your soul means your inner spiritual being guides every aspect of your life.  When you achieve this state of being,  you also have your twin soul relationship in the spiritual.  The twin soul relationship happens first in the spiritual.  Then it can become physical reality. 

In a twin soul relationship, as in life, the inner reflects the outer.  Our twin soul relationship always mirrors our relationship to our own soul.  

This is why twin soul counseling focuses on helping you learn to manifest your soul.  Once you become the spiritual being you are born to be, your twin soul will also become their true self.  Then your twin soul relationship becomes part of your daily world, both your inner spiritual world and your outer physical world.

If you have questions, you can reach me by filling out this handy dandy contact form, and I will get back to you usually within an hour or so, and certainly within a day.  

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