Walking the Spiritual Path Day 94

Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your words.  Your words become your actions.  Your actions become your habits.  Your habits become your values.  Your values become your destiny.  Mahatma Gandhi I am confronted with the fact that I still have negative beliefs that are holding me back in many areas of my life. Continue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 94”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 93

Honesty is often very hard.  The truth is often painful.  But the freedom it brings is worth the trying.  Fred Rogers It’s not easy to acknowledge that the one who has been holding you back all this time is yourself.   Anonymous As I become more aware of how I create my life, I am coming face-to-faceContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 93”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 91

It is a terrible disservice to myself and to the magnificent being that is my soul to hold onto negative beliefs about myself.  As I put more daylight between me and these old beliefs and patterns, the truth of the situation is becoming obvious.   What I am holding onto isn’t mine, and I am holdingContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 91”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 90

Much of spiritual life is self-acceptance — maybe all of it.  Jack Kornfield Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship with myself.  Nathaniel Brandon The world around us is a reflection of the world within us. In looking deeper at oneness and belonging — the opposite of separation — I am seeingContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 90”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 89

  Separation is the antithesis of creation.  Separateness spawns isolation, encouraging division, and indifference, creating hate and condemnation.   Separation sows the seeds of destruction towards everything in its path.   Anonymous United we stand.  Divided we fall.  Hillary Rodham Clinton Separation is quite simply fear. “Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads toContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 89”

OOAK Carnelian, picture jasper, peach sunstone and gold filled toggle clasp

This lovely necklace combines carnelian, picture jasper and peach stone in a dramatic combination. It has a gold-filled toggle clasp and gold filled beads to complete an eye-catching combination. Carnelian has fire energy of the second chakra while picture jasper is a soothing energetic grounding gemstone. Peach sunstone infuses uplifting and encouraging energy. This necklaceContinue reading “OOAK Carnelian, picture jasper, peach sunstone and gold filled toggle clasp”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 87

It’s ok to wobble.  It’s ok to stumble.  It’s even ok to fall down.  It’s just not ok to stay down.  Anonymous Life is not lived in a straight line.  Anonymous The spiritual path is defined by intent more than execution.  My intent is to keep going no matter what.  My execution can sometimes lookContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 87”