Services and Payments

Booking a session is easy!

  1. Choose what type of session you want and for how long.
  2. Make payment through Paypal.
  3. If you have questions, you can reach me by filling out this handy dandy contact form, and I will get back to you usually within an hour or so, and certainly within a day.
  4. Look for my email reply.
  5. Have your session!


Intuitive readings give you insight into your twin soul relationship, your finances, your career, new business ideas, health, and other issues.   Appointments are available in both 30 minute and 60-minute sessions.  Intuitive readings are a great way to get an introduction to this work before progressing to spiritual life coaching or if you simply want an answer to a question or clarification about a situation.
Intuitive Reading 30 minutes $30

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Intuitive Reading 60 Minutes $60
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Twin Soul counseling is working with you to manifest your soul and become a spiritual being in every aspect of your life.  Making a spiritual connection to your own inner being means you are also making the spiritual connection to your twin soul.  It is from this place that your twin soul union becomes a  physical reality.

Twin soul counseling is for those who have already met their twin soul.  Spiritual life coaching is for anyone working on other issues, including finances, starting a new business, switching careers, or dealing with health issues.

Twin Soul Counseling & Spiritual Life Coaching 60 minutes $60
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Spiritual Life Coaching 4 sessions @ 60 minutes each
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Chakra clearing and aligning are for anyone dealing with physical, emotional or energetic blockages. 1 hour $60.

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