Peace amid the storm

Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm. You cannot control what happens in the world around you. As the coronavirus ripples around the globe, it can feel like your world is out of control. While things may be happening to the outer physical circumstances of your life, your inner worldContinue reading “Peace amid the storm”

Finding Your True Direction

Finding your true direction is discovering the path that belongs to your true inner self.  This path is a life of authenticity where things unfold easily, and your needs are met without struggle.  You have what you need when you need it.  Your focus is on this moment, and you are engrossed in what youContinue reading “Finding Your True Direction”

Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom

  Tuning into your inner wisdom is going within yourself for the guidance and awareness that is available to you in every moment. In this quiet inner place lie all the answers to all the questions you will ever ask. This inner wisdom is your personal connection to the wisdom of the cosmos, giving youContinue reading “Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom”

It’s time to get on with it….

  Today is a good day to commit to your spiritual journey.  You’ve probably noticed that time is moving fast.  It’s not your imagination.  Everything on Gaia is speeding up.  Waiting for the perfect moment to commit to your spiritual journey is the conscious mind’s way of delaying.  I’ll talk a lot about the consciousContinue reading “It’s time to get on with it….”