Walking the Spiritual Path Day 7

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change her future by merely changing her attitude.     Oprah Winfrey Being consciously aware of my attitude is a new thing for me.  For too long, I had a pretty bad attitude.  I didn’t know it.  If you asked me I would have saidContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 7”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 6

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  We are the change that we seek.     Barack Obama Committing daily to my spiritual work is making the truth of my life and my choices clearer.  It is all too easyContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 6”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 5

  I find that when we really love and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.  Louise Hay Today my awareness is about the need to love and approve of myself exactly as I am.   This is how my Higher Mind and Soul sees me:  loveable, worthy and perfect justContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 5”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 2

We are all different and meant to be that way.  Louise Hay Today’s awareness is about preconceived ideas and expectations around walking the spiritual path.  Everyone’s path looks different.  Ten people meditating daily for 30 days will each have their own awareness, insights and experience.  Each one is perfect for that person.  What resonates forContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 2”

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 1

Walking the Spiritual Path Day 1 Never be in a hurry.  Do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.  Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.  St. Francis de Sales Rushing is a big obstacle for me on my spiritual path.  There is really nothing inContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path Day 1”

Walking the Spiritual Path

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Morpheus, “The Matrix” Making the commitment to walk the spiritual path is simple.  Following through on that commitment is not easy.  Too often my commitment to do my spiritual work gets crowded out by distractions large and small.  At the end of theContinue reading “Walking the Spiritual Path”

Peace Amid the Storm Part II

Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm. In my last post, I wrote about ways to help yourself maintain a sense of peace within the storm of current events rippling around the globe.  In this post, I am going to give a few more ideas.  All of these suggestions haveContinue reading “Peace Amid the Storm Part II”

Picture jasper and amber

  This luscious and soothing combination of picture jasper and amber with a sterling silver clasp is perfect for when you want to feel grounded, calm and protected. It’s like a warm bath, followed by snuggling up in a quilt and hugging your dog. This necklace is wearable art with a feel-good vibe. Amber isContinue reading “Picture jasper and amber”

Citrine, Malachite, Sapphire and Crystal Necklace

This sparkly beauty is made of citrine, malachite, sapphires, clear crystal and gold filled beads and clasp.  It’s a beautiful combination of gems, sure to add shine and sizzle and give any outfit a sensational boost of beauty and shine.   For anyone on their spiritual journey, you may recognize this powerhouse combination.   The necklace isContinue reading “Citrine, Malachite, Sapphire and Crystal Necklace”