I Ching Wisdom: Responsiveness

The I ching is a system of ancient divination wisdom, imparting key lessons on how to conduct yourself for the most positive outcome. The wisdom of the I ching guides individual conduct and action within a group. It was a key source for ancient Chinese rulers, showing how govern wisely and justly.

With this context in mind, this gua meaning responsiveness encourages relying on your intuition while being flexible and humble. Keep abreast of what is happening without putting emotion into the situation. Be patient and accept that things unfold at their own pace. Be alert to troubling signs and if possible, take action early to avoid larger problems down the road. Do your best in the situation, without seeking fame or recognition, which will cause competition and jealousy, and disrupt any positive outcome. Now is the time to keep your opinions to yourself. Be flexible and where possible cooperative, but never yield on your moral values. This is a time to persevere in the face of difficulty, always holding true to your integrity. There is much inner strength to be built during this time.

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