I Ching Wisdom: Gua 56 The Traveller

This gua encourages moving forward, exploring the world and starting a new cycle. Holding onto the old will only cause the energy in your life to stagnate and then deteriorate. Moving forward may be both physically and emotionally tiring, keeping a positive outlook will open the door for new positive energy and people to enter your life. This sets the groundwork for a positive new phase of your life.

Use this time to gather information, try out new things, expand your horizons and learn about yourself and the world around you. Be practical and flexible: nothing is permanent right now. Be wary of trying to fit in or please others. By holding firmly to your integrity, positive people and situations will be drawn to you.

Think of this phase like the first several years after leaving school: you travel to new places, meet new people and learn through experience what resonates with you. Know that on the other side of this is more stability and continuity. For now, enjoy this period and make the most of having this freedom to explore and learn about yourself and your life.

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