Walking the Spiritual Path: The mirror of our expectations

Our life is a mirror of what we believe. Good or bad, happy or disappointing, what we expect is what we get. Unknown

Your life is a mirror. Life gives us what not what we want. Life gives us who we are. Robin Sharma

As we walk our spiritual path, it is a valuable exercise to look in the mirror of our life. Earlier posts have talked about our expectations and how these expectations create our life. The mirror of our life is a clear reflection of how we are doing at rooting out our limiting beliefs.

Life always gives us what we expect. So what do you expect from your life? Don’t answer with happy talk and sunshine and rainbows. Spare yourself the pretense of everything being perfect. Tell yourself the truth. This is an exercise for you and you alone (or you and your spiritual life coach if you work with one). This is not a list to be shared on social media or run by your friends, siblings or your Mom. It is a deeply personal exercise that is probably going to show you things you would rather not see. But if you want to progress along the spiritual path you need to face the truth. We simply cannot hide this stuff any more and believe we can still make progress. We have reached the end of that road. Now it is time to rip the band-aid off and look at the clear reality of the every situation in our life.

What do we expect as a friend? Someone’s time, focus, terrific listening skills and a supportive shoulder during a tough time? Ok, that’s a nice list. Now be honest. How much of that do you give to others? Are you this type of friend? Can you simply listen to someone else or do you need to fix their problem? What we really expect in a friendship reflects the type of friend we are.

What are some other areas where we can look in the mirror of our life? How about our job? Do you expect to feel listened to and respected? Are you treated this way by your boss and coworkers? Remember life always gives us what we expect. What is the mirror of your life showing you? These are your true expectations. Life always reflects back to us what we really think and belief, not what we wish.

This work can be difficult. All of us are skilled at hiding our dark traits from ourselves. But life will always show us the truth.

Affirmation: Today I take a look in the mirror of my life.

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