I Ching Wisdom Gua 2: Responsiveness

Rely on your intuition — the wisdom and awareness of your soul — during this time. Through meditation, go within yourself to become clear on what your higher mind wants from you right now. Your choices and actions can have a profound impact on your life purpose. The only advice and guidance you need is within yourself. The opinions and preferences of other people only tell you their truth — it has nothing to do with you. We can never make progress on our path if we allow other people to tell us what to do, think and say. Go within to the wisdom of your higher mind and you will know in every moment what the right action is.

In dealing with other people, be responsive and flexible. This is not the time to take control and force a path forward: this does not lead to a good outcome. Find out what the situation needs through meditation and going within to listen to your higher mind. Be awake to the true energy of the situation. Ask your higher mind to show you what others bring to the situation; look at their energy and expectations. You have valuable ideas and contributions to make, and your higher mind will guide you to where and how to share these. When you move forward in this way, the outcome is very good.

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