I Ching: Without Falsehood/ Innocence

This gua is about holding onto truth. Truth never changes, regardless of external circumstances. Right action and right motives are always the correct and true course of action. In ancient China, Heaven was the supreme diety. The people believed that to live and act in harmony with the will of Heaven was the duty of all people. The foundation for all thoughts and actions was alignment with the virtue of heaven. People should be motivated not by their own personal gain, but whether what they did served good of humanity. This is the essence of walking the spiritual path: serving the greatest good through all that one does.

The other name for this gua, innocence, means acting spontaneously in every moment without ulterior motives or self gain. This gua counsels not to be concerned with personal pursuits; serving the greatest good will bring its own rewards in the moment. When we dedicate ourselves to serving the greatest good, material concerns fade away. It isn’t that we don’t have bills to pay, but by acting in accordance with the greatest good, we align with the flow of the Universe, and whatever we need is provided for us in the moment.

Innocence means staying true to your own moral compass. Do not say or do anything you might be ashamed of later. Refuse to become involved in something that harms another or is deceptive. Trust your instincts and be guided only by them.

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