Walking the Spiritual Path: Who is really in charge of your life?

What thoughts do you listen to? What inner beliefs and patterns guide you? Give care, for your inner world creates your outer life. Kamberlyn

When we decide to walk the spiritual path, it is to answer a need within us, that comes from our higher mind and soul. As we make progress along our spiritual journey, we strengthen our relationship with our inner being. We acknowledge that there is more to our being and our lives than the endless noise of the outside world. We are more than we think we are. It may not be something we can put into words, but there is something within us guiding us to make our inner world a priority. This guidance comes from our higher mind and soul.

Yet even with this knowledge of our powerful inner being, and our commitment to this inward relationship, we still have the old patterns and habits to contend with. These are the patterns, habits and beliefs of ego and the human conscious mind, and these are everywhere in our life. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, where we live, what we do for a career. Who do we listen to, what do we like and not like? How do we spend our time? What is important to us?

Awareness is half the battle; what we are aware of, we can begin to change. It is time to aware of who is really running our life. The exercise of writing down beliefs is eye opening. Just make a list: “what I believe about money” “what I believe about men/women and relationships” “what I believe about my body.” What do you believe about power? About the state of the world? About your future? About your health? Take your time: this isn’t a race. Just write things down as they come up.

This is what you really believe. This is what is really running your life. In later posts we start looking at these beliefs from a new perspective.

For now, just give yourself the gift of awareness. Who is really running your life?

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