I Ching Wisdom: Gua 58 Joyfulness

This is a time of free and open communication with others. It is a time to be optimistic and outgoing. Fresh ideas can be exchanged and differing opinions voiced when there is an atmosphere of openness and honesty. When people are confident that their views will be given a fair hearing, ideas will flow freely. Creative thinking is generated and new ideas emerge. A friendly and optimistic atmosphere opens the way for constructive ideas to deal with even the most vexing issues. A successful outcome is indicated.

In this setting, reliance on your higher mind will guide you to the right stance within the group and with each individual. Use good judgement and the discernment of your soul in listening to ideas and assessing their impact on the situation both now and into the future. Be prepared to make a decision, after listening to the ideas and opinions of others.

Being joyful and happy within yourself makes other joyful and happy to be around you This creates positive relationships. Good fortune derives from inward harmony, sincerity and a peaceful heart.

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