I Ching Wisdom: #3 Difficulty in the Beginning

A new cycle has begun, and change in inevitable in some — or perhaps all — areas of your life. Priorities shift and things you considered important up to now fade away into insignificance. Beliefs which formed the bedrock your life are questioned and discarded. Now is the time for you to look carefully at whose beliefs these really are. These beliefs that are driving your existence do not belong to your spiritual being. From this place of questioning and no longer blindly accepting comes wisdom. Simply because something has always been part of your life does not mean it is yours nor are you obliged to continue holding onto it.

There may be fear and even anger as you look deeply at these beliefs. This is simply the ego or conscious mind holding onto the falsehoods it has put into your life. Do not be distracted by the drama of the conscious mind; it is a side show. Spend time going within. Time in meditation is time well spent.

Turn to your higher mind and soul, and you will always have the wisdom and awareness you seek. The divine being within you knows what you need in your life and is always waiting on you to turn inward. It is only the lies of the ego that tell you to turn outward. The journey forward is made by manifesting your soul and turning within for your higher minds guidance in all aspects of your life.

You are here to do wonderful and amazing things with your life. You have a higher purpose for your life and your soul will give you all you need to accomplish everything that belongs to you. Turn within and trust.

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