Walking the Spiritual Path June 15

If you want to know what you truly belief, take a look at your life. The evidence is all around you. Anonymous

This is a continuation of looking at beliefs and expectations along the spiritual path. Clarity can be hard. We know what we are supposed to believe as spiritual beings. Take money for example. We know we are supposed to believe and accept that we are always taken care of, and that money is not the answer. We know we are supposed to put our focus only our spiritual world, and let the inner create the outer.

What about when there isn’t enough money in the bank account — what are the expectations then? Is the belief still there that you will taken care of? Or does fear push that spiritual knowing aside?

What about making an income? Is there resentment? Aggravation that you don’t make as much as you want? What about annoyance at your boss, coworkers or customers/clients?

How do you feel about money? Is abundance, prosperity, and wealth defined by money?

This is not about making you wrong. It is about opening the door to what you truly think and believe. Change requires honesty. You don’t need to shout out your answers from the rooftops or post it on social media. Just be honest in your own heart. Be clear eyed about what you really believe. From this place of honesty and clarity, you can begin the work to shift things.

Affirmation: I am honest in my spiritual work today, knowing this opens the door for change and growth.

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