I Ching Wisdom June 15

Gua 43: Eliminate/Resolution/Determination

This gua is about dark and hostile forces that are around you or the situation you are looking at. These forces need to be dealt with. Bring this out into the light of day, and exposing its true nature.. Ignoring it or trying to bargain will not solve the issue. Instead, like anything malignant, if ignored it will use the opportunity to expand. Be alert and aware of schemes and intrigues. It is not your imagination and what is going on intends to do harm.

Proceed with caution and know what you are up against. Be courteous, but give no ground. Be firm in your convictions.

To eliminate this evil, it must be exposed for what it truly is. Rely on both courage and resourcefulness. Do not bargain with evil. Take a firm stance. Do not become aggressive, as this will escalate things. But have a zero tolerance policy.

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