I Ching Wisdom June 14

Gua: Shock

This gua is very similar to the Tower card in tarot. Major changes have occurred/ are about to occurr in your life. These big shifts have you are feeling off-balance and anxious. The world as you knew it has changed in some profound ways. Like the tower, what you had in your life was built on faulty foundations and has come tumbling down.

Because the change was so unexpected, you may react with fear and even panic. But once the initial shock wears off, you can see that things are changing for the best. This wisdom may take a little time to sink in, so until it does, be kind and gentle with yourself. Now is a good time to turn off your phone and stay off social media. Just hunker down with a good book, your pet in your lap and just be. The result of this change is very positive for you. Opportunities and possibilities open up that are freer, happier and more authentic.

Keep calm in the face of this change, and respond to yourself in loving and supportive ways. Now is the time for quiet restraint and to turn inward. The doors opening for you are wonderful. Just be patient and all will become clear.

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