I Ching Wisdom June 12

Be content with life as it is, right now in this moment. You have everything you need to feel good about yourself. Look within and realize that you have all you need.

This is the time to be optimistic and outgoing. Have a friendly demeanor and others will respond positively towards you. Others can help you accomplish your goals; your communication should be an upbeat and respectful sharing of ideas. In this setting, communication is both fun and uplifting for everyone involved. The easy exchange of ideas allows everyone to learn from each other, and fresh new ideas to emerge. In this positive setting, problems fade in importance, and successful new ideas emerge.

Be aware of any part of your life where external criteria dictates how you feel. Do you need your physical body to look a certain way? Do you have to drive a this car or live in that neighborhood to feel good about yourself? How about social media; do you spend more time and energy on “likes” than you do on your internal happiness? Your emotional and mental well being always begins within you, as you turn your higher self for guidance. Your higher mind and soul will always show you the path that truly belongs to you, and bring into your life what is supposed to be there. From this inner peace and contentment, the outer circumstances of your life shift. The inner creates the outer, always.

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