I Ching Wisdom June 7

Gua 10: Tread Carefully

You are facing a difficult situation. Get as much information as you can before making any decision. Carelessness through poor preparation or taking deliberate risks will create more problems than it solves. Even if your position is weak, you can maintain the progress you have made and prepare the groundwork for future advances by being careful and calm. Do not allow yourself to be provoked or irritated by bad tempered people. Patience is of the essence: do not react emotionally. Instead stay calm and centered, and be tactful and diplomatic. Do not take people at face value as there is deception and illusion in this energy. Rely on your intuitive awareness because things and people are not as they seem.

Do not accept feeling vulnerable or alone — you are neither. You have nothing to prove. You do have friends and allies, regardless what the present moment feels like. Bide your time and circumstances will improve. If a misunderstanding occurs, keep calm and centered; a way to resolve things will appear.

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