I Ching Wisdom June 6

Gua 1: Creative Force

Success is assured, provided your goals serve the greatest good, and not just your personal wants. Make this a time of great activity, and set your plans in motion. Others will look to you for leadership and initiative; you are highly confident and have lots of energy to resolve problems and accomplish large goals.

Be wise in how you use this time. Do not allow others to drag your energy, confidence and focus into their trivial and irrelevant concerns. Be positive and determined, Be very good at saying “no.” Be firm, and deny those those that want to take your energy and good fortune to further their petty and self serving goals. Beware of new “friends” who flatter and appeal to ego. See beyond superficial words and gestures to someone’s true motives.

This is a very favorable time. Use this energy wisely and you can create positive things that stand the test of time. Keep your eye on the prize. Whatever it is must serve the greatest good. Good timing is essential. Think through the long term effects of whatever decision you make. Clarity, confidence and commitment will take you far when this period is used wisely.

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