I Ching Wisdom June 3

Gua 36: Keep a Low Profile

Now is the time for you to turn inward and cultivate your own inner abilities. The outer energy around you is unwelcoming, and trying to participate in the outside world will require giving up on your core beliefs and values. Instead, keep a low profile and follow the adage about being silent, Protect what is important to you from the negative energy, people and circumstances around you. Not everything needs to be shared with others! Protect your own interests and avoid compromising yourself.

Others do not share your point of view, and trying to convince them will only cause conflict. Bide your time. Remain true to yourself and keep your thoughts and feelings quiet. Meditation as a spiritual practice that has you turn inward is very important to your inner well being right now.

Withdraw from the situation as soon as possible. This difficult time would be devastating for a lesser person. Stay calm. Difficulties have arisen because of negative attitudes, whether yours or someone else’s. Either way, proceed carefully and slowly. Change for the better will not occur overnight. Do not give up, as things will change for the better eventually. This difficult period must simply be endured. Use it as a time of strengthening your inner resources.

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