I Ching Wisdom June 1

Gua 59: Obstacles Fade Away

Blocks and obstacles to progress can now be removed, and areas of misunderstanding can be clarified. Communication has been a challenge, and now is the time to make some changes in your style. Keep the bigger picture in mind as you proceed, and be respectful of other people’s feelings. Tact and diplomacy go a long way.

This is not the time to aggressively defend your position; have a open mind and listen with an open heart. It does not mean giving up on your position, instead looking for ways to establish common ground. Let everyone feel that they have value.

Take a look at what you are holding onto that is separating you from others; look at your own mental and emotional blocks. Anger, resentment and confusion all create obstacles in your life. Have compassion for yourself, and you will find it easier to have compassion for others.

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