Walking the Spiritual Path May 30

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them. Albert Einstein

Sometimes we reach the point along our spiritual path where we simply cannot go on as we are. We cannot progress further unless we let go of the old unhelpful and stuck ways of thinking we have been holding onto. This is where we have to be really honest with ourselves; is the voice we are hearing assuring us that everything is fine the voice of our soul? Or is it voice of the ego and conscious mind trying desperately to hang on.

In order to become the physical manifestation of our higher mind and soul, we can only embrace our inner divine being. There is no room for the petty, selfish, emotional demands and focus of our lower level being. We cannot straddle this fence and go any further, We must make a decision that every part of our life belongs to our higher mind and soul, and then never look back.

When we make the decision to be only our higher mind and soul in everything we do, we cannot every go back. We must close the door behind us to our old way of thinking and being.. When we do, our life begins to unfold in wonderful and amazing ways, as we choose the path our soul and our life purpose.

Affirmation: Today I accept and acknowledge that I am my higher mind and soul and she/he is me. We are one and the same being.

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