Walking the Spiritual Path May 25

Embrace the pace of your journey. Unknown

As we walk our spiritual journey, we come to value stillness, focusing inward to our heart and the wisdom of our inner being over the external rewards of life. The ease or difficulty with which we come to this realization differs. Some will come to this awareness quickly, while others may need more time.

The spiritual journey is not a race. It may take you longer to learn some lessons, while others are mastered quickly. In the grand scheme of the cosmos, there is no comparison. The universal creative force celebrates life in all its various forms; a daisy is not meant to compared to a rose, yet they are both beautiful.

Avoid those who want you to conform, compare and compete. If it feels inauthentic, give yourself permission to tune it out. If the voice comes from within feel free to ignore it.

Have faith in your inner being that you are being led to exactly where you need to be.

Affirmation: Today my life unfolds as my higher mind and soul desires.

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