I Ching Wisdom May 19

Lin: Leadership

Things are moving forward, plans are coming to fruition. You have a lot of influence now, either through an official position or your personal conduct. Because you wield this influence, think through any decisions or suggestions you make, as they will be carefully considered by many others. Consider the effect of your ideas on all groups, even those not sharing your view point. At times like this, when things are going well, a true leader influences through their character, and puts the needs of everyone above their own personal point of view. Wise leaders consider all view points and seek common ground; selfish leaders pursue only their personal aggrandizement. Take a big picture view and consider any changes in direction carefully. Now is not the time for off-hand remarks and careless suggestions. This is an excellent time to build a foundation that will last well into the future. This good time will not last indefinitely, so use it’s positive and productive energy wisely.

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