Walking the Spiritual Path May 18

A daily ritual is a way of saying “I’m voting for myself.” Martel Hemingway

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu

Little steps create big results. Doing a little bit every day is the foundation for everything we want to bring into our lives. Pretending we can skip this step is disrespectful to ourselves and to our soul. We are here to do wonderful and important things, and our higher mind is ready to guide us in each step along the way. But our higher mind cannot make us act; that is our choice — our free will.

Daily steps can be small; consistently spending a half hour daily adds up. Making a ritual out of the task turns it from a mundane task into a spiritual exercise. Starting small and leaving room for things to grow and change gives our soul room to create and work magic in our lives. These small daily rituals open the door to expressing our soul’s true purpose. With the small step of a daily ritual, we open ourselves up the magnificent life that belongs to our higher mind.

Affirmation: Guided by my higher mind, I add one action today that fulfills my soul’s purpose.

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