I Ching Wisdom May 17

Ji Ji; Already Fulfilled/Mission Accomplished

Course of action is completed, achievement is fulfilled. Everything seems to be in perfect order. It is easy in these circumstances to rest on the laurels of victory and success and assume these favorable circumstances will continue without end. This belief is that the good times will go on forever and no outside tending is necessary, as positive events will continue under their own momentum. But it is not so, and it is precisely at this stage that things can go wrong. Without continued attention to detail and focus, things will deteriorate.

Now is the time to pay attention to detail and be watchful of where problems can arise. Take action to prevent small problems from escalating into big problems. Do not take anything for granted; things require care and attention to remain stable. It is a rule of life that everything changes. Having reached your goal, it is time to tend to your success. If you become careless or lose your motivation, the situation will begin to decline.

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