Walking the Spiritual Path May 15

Excellence isn’t about being the best. It’s about doing your best. Anonymous

The goal isn’t to be better than the other person, but to be better than your previous self. The Dalai Lama

Walking the spiritual path means committing to do our very best. That means that every day, in all our spiritual practices — which covers everything in our life — we bring our personal best to it. When we do something, our full focus and awareness goes into it.

The commitment do our personal means bringing our undivided attention to every moment. When our higher mind fills us with their energy and guides our every action then we truly do our very best.

Focusing on being mentally aware and in this moment means we are with our higher mind in whatever we are doing. Our higher self lives in the moment. When we stay in the moment with our spiritual guidance system, and act in accordance with our soul’s guidance, then we are doing our personal best.

Our personal best doesn’t guarantee something for the record books; that is confusing external recognition for an internal commitment. How our very best looks compared to anyone else isn’t the point. The only thing we are each responsible for is doing our very best.

When we approach our life from this perspective, the results belong to our higher mind. Our life changes and gets better, often faster that we could have imagined. And the results will be better than we dreamed of. All of this happens because we bring our very best, and do what our soul asks of us in the moment.

Affirmation: Today I do my personal best.

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