I Ching Wisdom May 15

Lu: Travelling/ Stranger in a Strange Land

This situation is temporary; whatever you are dealing with is short term, and will not last. Be cautious of letting yourself get too deeply involved and be prepared for change. Rather than making a commitment to any person or situation, use this time to gain insight into yourself and your world. This is a time for you to explore new options and new possibilities. Keep your integrity and avoid compromising who and what you are in order to make someone else happy. Remember that your true security and well being lies within you. Always listen to what your inner being is telling you, and trust your intuition. Not everyone around you is what they seem. When you remain true to yourself and your inner beliefs, those who belong in your life will come forward. Be grateful to your higher mind as you navigate these new uncharted waters. Your higher mind will always guide you to safety and well being, as long as you keep your trust and faith in your soul and do not become distracted by the empty assurances of other people.

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