I Ching Wisdom May 13

Yi Jing – Great Harvest

Tremendous possibilities are available to you. Projects begun will be very successful, and relationships thrive. This can be outer benefits such as an unexpected windfall, a new relationship, or a new job. It can also be inner benefits such as a new awareness or new insight into fulfilling your life purpose and living as the spiritual being you truly are. In this time of good fortune, live according to the values of your higher mind and soul. Live the truth of your heart.

It can tempting in times of good fortune to become arrogant and let the ego dominate. This should be guarded against. Maintain your humility and do not let your good fortune go to your head. You have a lot of influence now, so use it wisely. Count your blessings and have gratitude for the true source in your life: your higher mind and the connection to the divine source that brought this good fortune into your life.

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