I Ching Wisdom May 12

Lu: Travelling/Stranger

The i ching is a very ancient system of divination that at its core is about balance and moderation. It looks at life’s different stages, both the good and the bad, as transitory; “this too shall pass.” The unifying message is keep your grounding and good judgment. When times are unfavorable, know that with consistent and persistent effort, you can change your circumstances profoundly. When times are good, enjoy what’s going on, and know that this too is impermanent. Much of the i ching contains cautionary advice; to learn from what is going on, but not to embrace it as your identity. To do so means making the outer circumstances of your life the sum total of your value and your contribution. Instead, tend you inner world, your values, your character, your strength. Your inner world need not be affected by your outer circumstances.

Lu means travelling or stranger. This follows the gua of abundance, meaning a time of great plenty and accomplishment. The period of abundance, when everything is going your way, will not last. Everything in life changes, and the pendulum will swing to the other end of spectrum. After declining abundance, one should move forward and explore new ideas and places. Holding onto the old is to stagnate.

Travelling and abundance are opposite, but complementary. Travelling means life is not stable, and everyone is a stranger. This period can be tiring and stressful unless one is a nomad at heart. It is important to remain steadfast and true to your core convictions, your morals and your internal code of conduct. In this way, this period will pass, the hardship will give way to a new chapter in your life, and you will be ready to build a new path for yourself.

If this is a reading about a person of interest, know this individual is not interested in a settled life or anything they consider fixed and permanent, whether it’s a relationship, job, or even a friendship. It may be fun to be around this person with their fresh and unique outlook. Understand their presence is short term and passing.

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