Walking the Spiritual Path May 11

Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on. Eckhart Tolle

Progressing as a spiritual being means letting go of our expectations. When we want something in our life, it is easy to think there is only one way — our way — for it happen. We’re convinced we know what is going on and what will happen. Whether its a relationship, a job, or moving to a new location, anything at all — we mentally decide what will happen, often step by step. Then we expect life to unfold exactly according to our plan.

Have you noticed that things never work out exactly to plan?

When we decide ahead of time how something is going to unfold, we suck all the energy out of the situation. There is no room for surprise, the delightfully unexpected, nor spontaneity and happy coincidences. Holding onto what we think we know is exhausting, and it takes the fun out of life.

Preconceived ideas are not only tiring to hold onto, they can also be unsafe. Being stubborn and set in our expectations puts mental blinders on. There may be positive changes that are missed, or warning signs not paid attention.

Preconceived ideas always happen outside the present moment. It’s being in the future; yet the only power is in the present moment. Holding onto preconceived ideas and expectations, makes us powerless.

Only in letting go can we participate with our Higher Mind and soul in making our lives the joy and success they are meant to be.

Affirmation: Today I let go of all preconceived ideas and expectations. I keep my focus in this moment, with my Higher Mind and Soul.

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