Walking the Spiritual Path May 8

Keep going. You’ll know when you get there. When there is nothing left that does not belong to your soul, you have removed everything blocking you from being who you were born to be.

Walking the spiritual path will eventually bring us to a place where we need to get rid of all the garbage we are still holding onto. The thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions that do not belong to our higher mind and soul.

We have been so careful about hiding it, even from ourselves. We swore all the old junk had been cleared out, and there was nothing left. But the human tendencies, foibles, shortcomings and thought patterns don’t want to be found and gotten rid of. They liked the influence they had over our lives.

Admitting there is still work to do is the first step. Then we need to go after each and every single unwanted thought, feeling, emotion, preconceived idea, and belief system.

Affirmation: I embrace my higher mind and true self.

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