I Ching Wisdom

Lu: Fulfillment

This gua is about the foundation of moral conduct. The main theme is fulfilling one’s duty carefully and cautiously. This gua follows Little Accumulation, which is a situation where it is better to pause and take a break during advancement. The idea is that solid, long term success and stability is built on small steps, rather than big steps taken quickly.

Like a large tree, growth is slow and steady. A large tree can withstand the strongest storms. Weeds on the other hand grow quickly, with no strength or resilience. At the first sign of difficulty, weeds die back, and only succeed with long tap roots, which means they keep sending up shoots in the hopes some will live long enough to reseed. It is a wasteful existence that is not something for a wise person or leader to copy.

Growing slowly (little accumulation) and keeping your eye on the goal (fulfillment) are the key to success in one’s life.

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