Walking the Spiritual Path April 30

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You don’t get to wait for perfection. Not if you actually want to get somewhere.

When we walk the spiritual path. it is tempting to wait until we are better, stronger, more focused, more whatever. This lie tells us that we can’t make progress, and shouldn’t even begin, until the path is clearly seen, and our skills are at their strongest.

This is a very human way of looking at the spiritual path. It can be used for anything in our life. The result is always the same: whatever it is we want to achieve, the time to start is not yet. We are always going to read or hear about or perhaps even know someone who is further along than us in whatever we focused on. That’s their story and their journey. What matters is our focus and our journey. We will only get better if we start. We will only spend an hour in complete mental and emotional stillness if we start at 10 minutes; and even that might be a struggle to begin with.

We struggle, we stumble. We go down detours. That’s ok. It’s not about perfection. It’s about being consistent and persistent in our trying. Because as long as we keep at it, we will eventually get to where we are going. The key is put one foot in front of the other today.

Affirmation: Today, I start where I am at.

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