Walking the Spiritual Path April 29

You need to have faith in what you can’t see and you can’t touch.

Manifesting our soul, completely and totally, is an act of faith. It is choosing to give control over our life to an unseen energy that we cannot see or touch. We have an awareness of our soul in our heart and the energy we feel. But we don’t have a physical body to focus upon. For many, the lack of something physical to focus on means we don’t really believe our soul is here with us. This makes us easily lead astray as we seek something solid to focus on. Examples of this solid, physical focus are our physical bodies, and our finances, or social media. All of these are outside ourselves. The physical world is easily manipulated, and chaos — that low level energy that permeates this reality — loves to make the physical look different than it really is.

The truth of any situation can only seen with our soul’s awareness. First we need to let go of insisting that things in our life look a certain way. These preconceived notions only create blocks and obstacles. Our soul already has everything planned and the path paved. When we insist on doing it our human way, rather than our soul’s divine way, we can only delay what is supposed to be in our life. When we open ourselves to our higher mind and soul, and consistently chose only our higher self to guide us, everything in our life starts to work, easily and quickly.

Affirmation: Today I choose to guided only by my higher mind and soul.

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