Walking the Spiritual Path April 24

Put a little love, joy and happiness in your heart.

Walking the spiritual path is serious business; but it doesn’t always need to be taken seriously. There is room for laughter, love and joy. If we live every day in deadly earnest and seriousness, life becomes a chore. The energy around us gets heavy and stuck, and energetic junk gets stuck in our aura, where it moves inward, and into our physical body.

In other words, being deadly serious all the time is bad for our health — mental, emotional and physical. Laughter and joy lightens up everything. It lightens our mood. It changes the energy around us. It can help clean our aura and chakras.

Find something that makes you laugh, whether it’s cartoons, comedians/comediennes, movies, tv shows or funny writers. Whatever it is that makes you chuckle or burst out in a belly laugh, take some time every day to add a little silliness and joy to your life.

Affirmation: Today I choose to add some joy and humor to my life.

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