Walking the Spiritual Path April 23

Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom
Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom

Relax into this moment. There is nowhere else to be.

Just sit, calmly in this moment. This is where your soul is. If you get up now, and go off to do something “important” please understand that your higher mind stayed right here.

So instead of rushing off without your higher mind and soul, just sit still. Breathe. Feel your body in your chair, your feet in your slippers, the air around you. Now move your attention within you, to your heart. Focus on your heart, and keep breathing in and breathing out. There is nothing else to think about, nothing else to do. Sit here, with your soul. When there is actually something to do, she/he will guide you. Then go do it, always keeping your focus on your higher self, as the higher mind is the do-er, and you are the active observer.

There is nowhere else to be.

Affimation: Today I sit calmly and turn my focus to my higher mind.

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