I Ching Wisdom April 23

Qian / Humbleness

Humbleness is considered a great virtue in the I ching. Lao Tzu said he had three treasures: the first is love, as only the loving are courageous, the second is contentment, for only the content are generous and forgiving, particularly to those less powerful, and the third is humility, because only the humble are of capable of being a good and wise leader.

All prosper and benefit when those in a position of power and leadership act from a sense of duty, love, benevolence, open heartedness and humility. These leaders show through example a balanced interaction with all those around them. This attitude allows different points of view, while all working toward the greatest good. Leaders seek to unite, never divide, and give all a voice and a seat at the table, no matter how poor or downtrodden. Because only when all are heard, and all are acknowledged and respected can long term peace and stability thrive.

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