Walking the Spiritual Path April 21

Love yourself. Be nice to yourself. Encourage yourself. The only person you have to convince that you’ve got this is you.

Putting action behind our intentions is sometimes a struggle as we walk our spiritual path. Fear and doubt walk beside us, whispering nasty, negative and disempowering things. The unwanted companions of fear and doubt remind of us of what didn’t work before. They take us to the past, and once we go there, we have lost our connection to our higher mind. We are floundering, unsure where to go or what to do next.

The answer is always the same. Go back to our higher mind. Sit still until we feel strongly connected. Then turn our focus to what we are doing and see it through the eyes of our higher self.

Our higher self is the encouraging voice, the kind voice. Our higher self tells us to take one action, right now. That’s all. Just one action. It’s our soul that tells us “yes, you can.”

Our soul is the only voice ever worth listening to.

Affirmation: Today, I know that of course I can.

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