Walking the Spiritual Path April 20

Photo by Keegan Houser on Pexels.com

It should be obvious, but you have to focus on what you want, and only that.

Focusing on what we want is one of the first spiritual lessons we encounter once we choose to begin walking our spiritual path. Once we have stated to the universe what we want, then we need to leave it alone. When we go outside the present moment, all we are doing is putting out energy through thoughts and emotions, into what we either don’t want or hope will happen. Since the universe runs on energy, these mental wanderings have a high cost. Either it sets something in motion we don’t want — our fears and doubts. Or our hopes go out and slightly reshape what we do want, so when it arrives it won’t be exactly what we meant.

Keeping our thoughts, hopes and fears out of the creative power of the universe is always a good idea. It’s been said that the Universe is like a loving grandmother with dementia: you will always be given whatever you want. The universe isn’t going to question your choice. The universe assumes you thought through what you are asking for. The universe also won’t caution you to leave alone whatever you have put out there, so you don’t accidentally change it.

Put your focus on what you do want, then let it go, and stay right here and right now, in this moment. The universe has got this.

Affirmation: Today, I am clear in my thinking about what I want. I put my desire out to the universe and then I leave it alone.

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