Walking the Spiritual Path April 17

Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction
Walking the Spiritual Path Introduction

When we truly understand the power of our thoughts and emotions to shape our lives, everything changes.

When we start along our spiritual path, we probably don’t give much consideration to what we think about ourselves and our lives. We think our emotions are just an expression of who we are. Our beliefs are simply harmless ways of making sense of the world around us. Our expectations are the product of our upbringing.

As we move further down the spiritual path, we become more aware. Our sense of understanding grows. We face the uncomfortable truth that those thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not so harmless after all. In countless ways both large and small, we shape our life based on the power of our thoughts, emotions and expectations.

Waking up to this truth can be unsettling at first. We are conditioned to believe that what we have in our life is caused by something outside us. We are an innocent bystander who had no active role in creating our world.

This is the moment of awakening and awareness. It is the acceptance that maybe we are not so blameless after all, and that what we see as we look around our life is the result of our own choosing. Before we were aware of this truth, we choose unconsciously. Now that we have woken up to our power, we can no longer hide behind this falsehood.

This is the power of our higher mind and soul: when we manifest our soul into every aspect of our life, our thoughts and emotions have no role, because they do not belong to our higher mind. It is time to release what we are hanging onto, and step into the truth of the magnificent being we are born to be.

Affirmation: I am one with my higher mind and soul. I release everything that does not belong to my soul and step into the life of my higher mind.

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