Walking the Spiritual Path April 13

Do something today that makes you smile.

Our job as spiritual beings is to be of service. Service looks like a lot of things, and it’s different for everyone. Whatever activity it is, the result is upliftment improvement. The impact of our service as spiritual beings can be large or small. Service in all its many forms a soothing balm to the planet. Service doesn’t always have to be serious though. Who came up with that idea, anyway?

Making ourselves happy makes others around us happy. Create something that makes you smile, something that makes you giggle or laugh out loud. Happiness and joy lightens everything around us. It shifts the energy and let’s new ways of looking things reveal themselves. It can transform a negative moment into something positive and optimistic.

Today, do something that makes you happy, and makes you laugh. Streamers of ribbon and silly toys line the shelves of my art studio, tucked between the paint brushes and colored pencils, canvases and sketchbooks. They serve no practical purpose. They simply make me happy.

When we put our creative energy into something that makes us happy, chances are that it will make someone happy too. There is much joy and delight to be created and shared with the world. The Universe is a vast and wondrous place. There is plenty of room for fun and joy as we travel along our spiritual path.

Affirmation: Today, I make something that makes me happy.

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