Walking the Spiritual Path April 11

You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart. Gary Zukav

When we make the choice to turn to our soul and higher mind, we have a choice. We can either bring all the learned ways of doing things, taught to us in school and in our jobs. We can work hard, apply ourselves, make to do lists and take purposeful action. Yet, at the center of this is a mind driven, logical and human approach. We can try for years, but we will never find our soul.

Our soul exists in this very moment. Our connection to our soul is through our heart. Our connection is an intuitive one, rooted in love. There is no thinking here, no logic, no analysis. There is only being: I am one with my higher mind and soul.

To be a completely manifested soul means that our soul’s energy flows through us 24 hours a day. Our every thought and every action is guided by the wisdom and love of our higher self. Our soul’s energy emanates from us, whether we are speaking, taking an action or simply sitting still. This is the place where the body-mind-soul connection is complete.

To reach this place, we need to leave behind all the ways of interacting from our head. We need to move to our heart, stay that place, and never leave. Now I am one with my higher mind and soul, and our connection is through my heart.

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