Walking the Spiritual Path April 10

The point of power is always in the present moment. Louise Hay

Walking the spiritual path means being right here, in this moment. This moment is where our higher mind and soul lives. In their infinite wisdom, our higher minds never leave this moment. When we move out of this moment we deprive ourselves of everything in life that matters. Only in this moment can we be one with our higher mind and soul, and the higher mind’s energy, awareness, power, wisdom, and magick.

To change our life or to bring something into our life, we can only work from this moment. The thoughts we think, the words we speak, the actions we take are happening right now. It is these thoughts, words and actions that create our future. They create the rest of our life.

Going outside the present moment cannot create anything positive. Outside this moment has no power. Leaving this moment is simply a habit. It is a destructive habit that separates us from our higher mind, who stays in the moment, waiting for us to find our way back.

Our higher mind already has a plan for us: it is a life filled with purpose, meaning, love, good health, joy, abundance and prosperity. The only way we get to live this divine blueprint already prepared for us is to stay right here, in this moment.

Affirmation: I stay in this moment with my higher mind. I am that I am and all is well..

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