Walking the Spiritual Path Day 93

Honesty is often very hard.  The truth is often painful.  But the freedom it brings is worth the trying.  Fred Rogers

It’s not easy to acknowledge that the one who has been holding you back all this time is yourself.   Anonymous

As I become more aware of how I create my life, I am coming face-to-face with uncomfortable truths.  The instant I lose my manifestation, the excuses, judgement and negativity that are a constant running monologue in my head take over.  The answer is to return to manifestation immediately.  But this in-between time is worth a closer look.  Any time spent unmanifested unravels everything my soul is creating for me.  The scary truth is that even a tiny amount of time unmanifested is utterly destructive  The result is that I don’t make progress.  This leads to frustration and irritation, which leads to losing manifestation.

A powerful tool for helping myself is to counter the negativity with positive affirmations, including one that says I believe my affirmations work!   Then it’s using these affirmations and changing negative expectations to positive ones.  The next step is to let go, knowing my higher mind and soul already has a solution to every issue in my life.

Affirmation:  I am one with my higher mind and soul.  I let go and let soul.

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