Walking the Spiritual Path Day 91


It is a terrible disservice to myself and to the magnificent being that is my soul to hold onto negative beliefs about myself.  As I put more daylight between me and these old beliefs and patterns, the truth of the situation is becoming obvious.   What I am holding onto isn’t mine, and I am holding on by choice.   I am holding onto the fear, the low self-worth, and the lack of self-love.  None of these are holding onto me.  I can drop them simply by changing my thoughts.  As Louise Hay always said, “it’s just a thought and a thought can be changed.”  Nothing about this old way of being is permanent.  It goes away when I stop holding onto it.

The very act of holding on to these false ideas means that I must separate from my higher mind and soul.  My soul has only complete love and approval for herself.  She knows no fear.  She is never rushed and never doubts herself nor her abilities.  She has no concern about the future because she creates her life.  Why would she create anything other than wonderful for herself?

The more I acknowledge and am aware that these old patterns and beliefs are something outside myself, the more brittle and ridiculous they become.  How could a being as powerful as my soul be fearful that she can’t provide for her body?  How can she be concerned about money or career when her very existence is abundance and prosperity?  How could a divine being see herself as anything less than worthy, loved and cherished?

More and more, I can these falsehoods in their true light:  they are destructive lies meant to separate me from my soul.  I don’t want to be separated anymore.

Affirmation:  I am one with my higher mind and soul in all things, and I see myself through my soul’s eyes, as the body of this mind-body-soul relationship.


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