Walking the Spiritual Path Day 87

It’s ok to wobble.  It’s ok to stumble.  It’s even ok to fall down.  It’s just not ok to stay down.  Anonymous

Life is not lived in a straight line.  Anonymous

The spiritual path is defined by intent more than execution.  My intent is to keep going no matter what.  My execution can sometimes look a little messy.  What happened to that iron clad discipline I was developing?  I was all ready to pat myself on the back.  Then I tripped and landed on my backside, in the middle of a mud puddle.

If I let my actions determine the outcome, then I messed up and my spiritual progress should be judged accordingly.  But life of full of missteps, and not everything works out the way I want.  Everyday does not build on the past in a perfect linear fashion.  Things can go well for a while and then things can go haywire.   I am learning the key is not perfection in execution — if such a thing even exists.  It is simply to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on the path.  No whining and no beating myself up.  It happened, now I need to move on.

Affirmation:  I see my life through my soul’s eyes, and I extend only kindness and understanding to myself when things go sideways.

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