Walking the Spiritual Path Day 85

In order to truly walk through that spiritual door, you must bring nothing with you.  Anonymous

For a long time, I believed that I can hold onto what matters to me and become one completely with my inner spiritual being.  This is a lie, of course.  Like all the other lies I have believed along the spiritual path, it is the work of my ego-driven human conscious mind.    This deception and misdirection was intended to keep me separate from my spiritual self, my higher mind and soul.   It is a popular fantasy, especially in the west, that you can have your spiritual cake and eat it too.  It is the idea that you don’t actually have to make deep changes; you can go through the motions and get the same results.

The further along the spiritual path I go, the more these lies and deceptions are exposed.  I didn’t think I was hiding behind things my conscious mind was holding onto, but I do now.  As the layers of old patterns and beliefs get scrapped off, and I move further along my path, my higher mind takes me to the next step of moving more completely into her energy.

Affirmation:  Each day I am guided by my higher mind and soul to become more of who I truly am.

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