Walking the Spiritual Path Day 82

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.  Anonymous

When your past knocks on the door, don’t answer.  It has nothing new to say.  Anonymous

Don’t look back.  You’re not going that way. Anonymous

In order for me to live the life that belongs to my higher mind and soul, I must stay in her energy, guided only by her wisdom 24/7/365.  We are one physical and spiritual being, body-mind-soul.   I let go of the old pattern of focussing on my faults and past mistakes.

The past is over and done, and there is nothing to be accomplished by looking at it.   I choose to immerse myself in the energy, power and magick of my soul, and let the old limitations and patterns fall away.

Affirmation:   I embrace the transformation of my being and my life.

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