Walking the Spiritual Path Day 79

Twin Soul Counseling

You are two halves of the same whole.

I have had an “aha” moment regarding my twin soul.  My conscious mind and its evil playmates have made a complete hash out of my twin soul union up to now.  Getting rid of these lies and misdirections is revealing the fundamental flaws in how I looked at my twin soul relationship.

A car does not work with only the tires and axles holding it together.  It needs an engine, seats, a steering wheel.  Take a car apart and you have parts, not something that actually works.  This is what my conscious mind was doing in regards to my twin soul:  selling the lie that I can manifest my higher mind and soul into the physical without fully manifesting my twin soul at the same time.  How could I have believed this nonsense?   As I have observed before, the conscious mind is very good at lies and misdirection.

Now that I know better, it is time to do better.  I now have a clear vision of what my soul and twin soul’s combined energy looks like.  The truth is there can be no manifestation of my soul without my twin soul.  Without my twin soul, I am leaving out everything that makes the twin soul union beautiful and magickal.  Minus the other half of my soul, I have nothing.

Affirmation:  I now manifest my higher mind and soul and my twin soul’s higher mind and soul through me, within me and around me.

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